Description of A FATHER AND SON

by Michael R. Barnard

A FATHER AND SON will be a unique and powerful movie, a smart, quirky low-budget independent feature film for a sophisticated young audience. It will be a high-quality feature film for theatrical release, produced as efficiently as possible.

It is also a film for fathers of this generation. Two decades ago, there was a film, A FIELD OF DREAMS, that had a unique and unusual impact: men were known to go see it by themselves and weep because of the impact of the feelings inspired by the film about seeing their fathers.

The audience for A FATHER AND SON will not walk away from this feature film untouched and unmoved. It might change a life. It will entertain many.

The script has been fully developed via staged readings, professional editing, focus group activity, and critiquing by producers and distributors. It is 115 pages and was a finalist in the prestigious Chesterfield script competition.

A FATHER AND SON is ready for pre-production. Probable MPAA rating: “R”. All rights available.